View Full Version : Mount Maras of Bangka

16-03-2016, 16:11

Mount Maras which is actually a hill located in Rambang Village Riau Silip District, Bangka Regency about 70 km from Sungailiat City or 33 km from Belinyu City. This hill is the highest point on Bangka Island. Become one of the tourism assets that is quite interesting to visit, especially by cross country lovers such as hiking, camping and mountain climbing, in this hill there are also many varieties of forest orchids. Myths that developed in local communities, in Mount Maras there is the sound of "reed yearns". Trust, who heard the sound of reed yearns in this hill would lose consciousness and do not want to go home because it was blown away by the sound.

At the foot of Mount Maras, there is a Perimping bridge that crosses the river Perimping, which was built in 1929. There is also a waterfall in the forests of Mount Maras.