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15-03-2016, 16:11
Baluran National Park in Situbondo had known as the beauty. There is a green forest and savanna landscape is referred to as Africa Van Java. Not only that, there is also a white sandy beach named Balanan and the water is clear. Here there is a vast field and mangroves are still very high density levels.

Balanan Beach is one of the beaches located in Baluran National Park. Balanan too, is one of the resorts that are there and occupied by residents. In Balanan, there is no electricity and the signal provider. This is because the distance of the village from the town as well as inaccessibility to enter the village. Balanan has many interesting places to visit, one of which is this Balanan Beach and mangrove areas are very spacious.

Balanan is white sandy beach and has a very clear water. When you see the sea from a distance will look blue, but when the water came to the feet it will look very clear and clean. There is also a small savanna that are in some locations near the coast. When walking in the savanna with the sun then you will be greeted by clear blue sea and the clean of Balanan Beach.

Access to reach to Balanan Beach is very extreme of having to pass a few kilometers of savanna and down to cliff, this is what makes this area unique. These tourist spot are rarely interested people to take a vacation because the terrain is quite extreme. To get Balanan Beach itself we have to travel as far as 3 km from Bekol or 5 km from Bama by foot through the savanna and forests. However, along the way we are treated to a view of the exotic beach and savanna and some animals move comes in the middle of our trip.