View Full Version : Jam Gadang, the Landmark of Bukittinggi and West Sumatra

15-03-2016, 15:52

The Clock Tower of Bukittinggi or Jam Gadang is the landmark of Bukittinggi and West Sumatra in Indonesia. The typical symbol of West Sumatra also has a story and unique because has been already decades years ago. Jam Gadang was built in 1926 by architect Yazin and Sutan Gigi Ameh. Laying the first stone, the Clock Tower was carried out Rook Maker's first son who was then 6 years old. This clock is a gift from the Queen of the Netherlands to Controleur (Secretary of State).

Distinctive symbols Bukittinggi and West Sumatra's has a story and uniqueness in its history. It can be traced from the ornaments on the Clock Tower. In the Dutch colonial period, this ornament clock round and on it stands a statue of a rooster.

During the Japanese occupation, ornaments the clock turned into a pagoda. While in the period after independence, the ornament shape again changed to the shape gonjong traditional Minangkabau house.

The numbers on the clock are also unique. The number four in Roman numerals are usually written by IV, but at the Jam Gadang is listed with IIII.

From the tower of Jam Gadang, the tourists can see the panorama of Bukittinggi city is composed of hills, valleys and buildings lined up in the middle of the city not to be missed.

Image Source: www.tuimages.com