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Mandar Museum

Mandar Museum is located in Jl. Raden Suradi 17, Pangali-Ali sub-distrct, Banggae district. This Mandar Museum was established on August 2, 1984 by the decision of Mandar Cultural Seminar. Meanwhile, Mandar Museum is the only museum that we can meet in the North West. The museum itself is easy to reach and expected can attract both local and foreign toursts to visit and learn about Mandar tribe ancestor.

Mandar Museum has 1,304 pieces collection, include geology, geography, biology, ethnography, archeology, history, numismatic, Heraldic, philology, ceramics, art and technology collection. Generally, Mandar Museum Collection is the objects of Mandar tribe heritage which obtained from Mandar area. However, from those kind of objects in the museum's, the most widely attract visitors is the historic objects collection. Several types of historical objects that are stored in Museum Mandar include fossil stone, traditional weapons, ceramics, ancient dishes, a variety of custom clothing, and other various ancient objects. Those ancient objects age were varied, some even predicted thousands of years old.

Mandar Museum building itself also a heritage building. The building was formerly the hospital building which has been used since the Dutch colonial era. Physically, the building which was established in 1900 is still in Europe style. This building has historical value and as silent witness to important events that happened in the colonial era as well as Mandar people fight for the independence of Indonesia. Thus the Mandar Museum, until today still exist in performing its basic tasks and its function.

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