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10-03-2016, 14:17
This complex is an integrated tourism spot that offers sports facilities, recreational parks and cultural attractions. In general, the complex is divided into two parts, Taman Mini or Mini Park and Taman Rimba or mini zoo.

Taman Mini is a tourism spot in Jambi that presents a cultural miniature that available in the province. The concept is the same as Taman Mini in Jakarta, which displays replicas of signature buildings of the area. If Taman Mini Jakarta displaying the whole culture from all region in Indonesia, while here just shown only the culture of each district in Jambi.

Other tourist attraction at this complex is the Taman Rimba zoo that mostly visited during family holiday. Like any zoo, here you can see variety of animal species like primate, reptile, mammal and birds. Moreover, we can see flocks of bird that living in a cage with semicircular giant glass containing. There are various kinds of birds from herons to cassowary with its musical chirps.

In addition to Taman Mini and Taman Rimba, in this complex of 18 hectares there is also a sports stadium that being used during weekends for some sport activities.

This tourism attraction is located in in Jalan Sunaryo, Jambi or it takes only 500 meters from Sultan Taha Syaifuddin Airport. We can reach the location by using taxi or private vehicles.

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08-02-2017, 22:41
I am suggesting that the north part of the public "free" park and the city facilities be incorporated into the zoo property. The portion with the playground and boat launch would still be a public park.

27-04-2017, 15:44
The concept is the same as Taman Mini in Jakarta, which displays replicas of signature buildings of the area

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This looks great!

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Beautiful place

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It is very beautiful zoo..