View Full Version : Tanah Kuning Beach of Bulungan

04-03-2016, 16:26
Tanah Kuning Beach is located at Tanah Kuning village, Tanjung Palas Timur district of Bulungan regency, North Kalimantan province. Tanah Kuning Beach is a tourist attraction owned by Bulungan with the distance from Kota Tanjung Selor of Bulungan is 88 km. The trip use motor vehicle for approximately 2 hours. Tanah Kuning Beach is very beautiful beach with a panoramic view of the beaches are not inferior to the other. Just on the edge of the muddy coast from the beach into the ocean approximately 200 m. The beach is behind the Tanah Kuning hospital. In the vicinity of the beach there are lodging and dining there is also some of cafes near Tanah Kuning Beach.