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04-03-2016, 13:46
Idrus Tintin Art Building

Anjungan Seni Idrus Tintin is an art building that stands in Arena Purna MTQ, that today is becomes Bandar Serai Complex in Jl. Sudirman, and it is one of the wonder building in Pekanbaru.

This art building has significant Malay Riau traditional building with magnificent design of architecture, just like a palace.
By having the same height equal to the three-story building, this Idrus Tintin Art Building stands towering to have an impressive aesthetic value. Start from the outside of the building to the indoor architecture, this Art building will pamper your and bring the amazing feeling to it.

Idrus Tinting Art Building is the place for Indonesian Film Festival in 2007, the drama rehearsal and also becomes the most pretentious theater building in Indonesia. In addition, around this art building, there are custom homes from various areas in Riau with pretty design and Dekranasda. Pekanbaru residents usually spend more time in the afternoon at this building, either for relaxing or taking pictures with Idrus Tintin Art Building background.

The name of Idrus Tintin art building is taken from one of Riau artists, Idrus Tintin, that born in November 10, 1932 in Rengat regency, Indragiri Hulu. There are numbers of his masterpiece that become the Indonesia’s art and literatures.
After being the art and theatrical importance, the local people around the building is also use for doing sport like jogging, art performances, Riau Malay culture performance and other youngsters’ activities like art exhibition with national and international scale.

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http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_KbihwLDi7qE/TFsltw39PcI/AAAAAAAAAVM/O9IH7qTxQLw/s1600/27886_1317382253518_1199607029_30771392_7571603_n. jpg



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This is so beautiful. Can a tourist visit here or need any entry card?