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Pancer Beach

Pancer beach is located in south coast of Java Island, precisely in Pesanggaran sub-district, southwestern tip of Banyuwangi. Pancer itself is the name of a village that located in the south of Banyuwangi.

Pancer has visited by many tourists from outside of Banyuwangi. Those tourists are interesting to enjoy the beach from the top of the towering stone pier. Beside, those tourists are also like to go fishing at this beach while enjoying the blue nuance over the south ocean. Moreover, the visitors are able to rent a boat to cross over the beach from the fisherman’s boat at the beach.

Near to Pancer beach, there is Red island. Those who visit Pancer beach can directly go to Pulau Merah or Red Island. The atmosphere is fair and it perfect to enjoy the sun that set from Pancer Beach.

Pancer is located not too far from the city and it can be reached within 10 minutes by motorbike. Some homestay and lodging can be found not far from the coast. Some of those home stays are also rent the surfing boards, motorcycles, and training services for those who are interested in learning to surf.

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