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02-03-2016, 17:49

Museum Rumah Bundar or Round House Museum become one of the interesting places that you can visit while in Tarakan City. The building was founded by the Australian Army in 1945 as a residence after seizing power from the hands of the Japanese. This museum store the history of World War II and the majority of historical objects such samurai, propeller aircraft, invader shoes, invaders helmet, japanese sword executioner and more is dominated photo current state of War II in Tarakan. More collection that we can see some of the tools of war such weapons and pistols of relic VOC originally from the Berau District, rifles and pistols is labeled VOC that is a picture of weapons traders VOC which is not likely have made Tarakan as a route of trade Berau and also to Tanjung Selor or the interior of the others Kalimantan.

Rumah Bundar Museum is the building like a house measuring about 6x12 meters with a roof shaped curve or semicircle. This building is exactly next to the Parliament's office of Tarakan. Well known as Rumah Bundar Museum or Lengkung is located in a residential area in Danau Jempang Street, Pamusian Village, Tarakan Tengah District. Other buildings including historical relics is the BPM staff housing, temples, mosques, and others.