View Full Version : Enjoy the Beautiful Sunset in Paderi Beach - Bengkulu

01-03-2016, 11:16

Tapak Paderi Beach is circuited to Panjang Beach and Jakat Beach in Bengkulu. It is a beach in the beginning was the center's first deepwater port in Bengkulu and into the sea transportation supporting the British government in Bengkulu at that time within 100 meters of Fort Marlborough.

A beautiful sunset is a charm that you can find in this tourist spot Bengkulu on this one. From the top of Tapak Paderi Beach, you can witness the beauty of the ocean Bengkulu. You can walk around the beach or enjoy grilled corn on the beach are interesting activities that you can enjoy. Attractions in Bengkulu this one has a long coastline and charming, it is not surprising if Tapak Paderi Beach is crowded with people visiting.