View Full Version : Tahu Campur, The Signature Salad Beef From Lamongan

29-02-2016, 15:04
Tahu campur or Mix Tofu is such an icon for Lamongan food but we can found in Surabaya. As mentioned, the main ingredient from this food is must be fried tofu, but sometimes tofu itself is not dominating the whole component from this food, together with Lontong, noddle, bean sprouts, meat, and shrimp cracker. The additional ingredient which makes this food more awesome is coming from petis or shrimp paste.

Tahu campur consist is of, tofu, meat, lontong, noddle, bean sprout, lettuce, and lento. Lento is like piece of cake made from cassava. The existence of tahu campur nowadays is become a healthy food among any other junk food, because it contain more vitamin, protein, fat and carbohydrate.