View Full Version : Bekol Savanna, Natural Tourist Attraction

26-02-2016, 15:30

Baluran National Park that stretches between Situbondo and Banyuwangi City, East Java store several natural attractions that are very interesting. If counted, there are about 5 existing tourist attractions in the Baluran national park. One of them is Bekol Savannah.

Bekol Savannah is a natural tourist attraction is a mainstay of Baluran National Park. The scenery in this vast grassland scenery similar to the wild in Africa that we often see in the canal National geographic. Thus, many are calling this as a miniature Bekol Savana Africa in East Java.

Administratively location of Bekol Savanna is part of the territory of Situbondo. The distance is about 13 km from the entrance gate to the national park. As for access to there could do with motorcycles and cars. Arriving at the Bekol Savanna site we will be greeted by a very broad meadows that make eyes never tired of looking at. Mount Baluran is the background scenery looks so pretty and calm. Around in Bekol Savanna we can find a variety of wild animals living around the national park. Such as; Deer, wild buffalo, pheasant and various species of birds are the types of animals that will be encountered in Bekol Savanna.

The existence of a wild plant Acacia nilotica make scenery around Bekol Savanna is becoming increasingly attractive and completely natural. Bekol Savanna area is about 300 hectares.If you want to get an amazing experience at the Bekol Savanna, arrived there at dawn to see the beautiful sunrise. Sprinkling sunlight watering pasture is a sight that really makes the eyes do not want to blink.