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Rumah Singa

Located on Jl. Hasanuddin, Pasuruan, Rumah Singa is one of the oldest buildings in Pasuruan and it becomes one of cultural heritage building that still cared for by the city government and the its foundation.

At early begin, Rumah Singa was built by the wealthy merchant from China named Kwee Sik Poo since the 19th century ago, with Indische Empire architectural style, which was the most popular style in the Indies at that time. Some characteristic of China is also can be seen on the roof that resembles a saddle. After few generations, the house was owned by another Chinese family, who was Han Tik Gwan Khong Shu, one of the members of the Han family group.
It Named Rumah Singa because right at the front of this building there is a statue of a lion (singa), with the hope that the house can always be safeguarded.

Rumah Singa is covered by 1 hectare area, and inside the yard we will find the tomb of Han Hoo Tong, the first head of the Tiong Hwa Hwee Koan in Pasuruan. Until now, this historic building is managed by the Foundation of Pancasila, which is the foundation that set up by Chinese citizens in Pasuruan.

When VOC take control of the trade lanes in the archipelago, Pasuruan touted as Bandar City, because of the port that was used as a trading center. At that time, the Pasuruan administrative area covers Malang, Probolinggo and Lumajang. These conditions lasted until the Dutch government authority ended. And in those days, Kwee family became one of the most respected wealthy businessman in Pasuruan.

As a promising city in the past, Rumah Singa can be regarded as symbol of the triumph of Pasuruan, as a trading center in East Java.

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