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19-02-2016, 15:26
Asta Karang Sabu

Asta Karang Sabu is a complex for Royal Family cemetery for Sumenep King and Duke who ruled in the 15th century, who was Prince Ario Kanduruan, Prince Lor and Prince Wetan. At this Karang Sabu he led the government at that time.
This cemetery is located in the heart of Sumenep, precisely in the Karangduak Village, Sumenep, approximately 500 m from the center of town to the west. Sumenep is a district that located in the eastern tip of the island of Madura. An area that is laden with cultural values and religion.

At ancient time, there was many knights and religious leaders from local region, like Jokotole or prince Sokadiningrat III, Arya Wiraraja, Adi Poday and others. They are not only famous in the region but also in Java and Bali. And this cemetery is the dwelling place of one of those figures and the royal family.

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