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18-02-2016, 15:43

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Merah Island or Red Island is one of tourist destination in the South Sea area. The natural scenery still can be seen by visitor who wants to spend their vacation. Along the beach, you can see the green belt that surrounds to be region protector. Merah Beach becomes a new alternative for surfers who want to challenge the powerful wave. Whether you are amateur or professional surfer, you will have fun when you visit the beach. When you come, you will agree if Merah Island is considered become a hidden pearl.

Merah Island is also identical with white sand. The natural scenery of the island and a hill with height 200 meters around the beach looks so stunning. The exotic view will accompany surfers while the challenge the powerful wave. Even, you can see many pandanus trees along the beach. The surface of area in the beach is covered by green trees. That is why people will love it because this combination makes it looks so different.

Merah Island is located at Sumberagung Village, Pesanggaran Sub-district, Banyuwangi City, East Java, Indonesia. It is about 70 km south of Banyuwangi. To reach the island, it needs extra effort because it will take around 2.5 hours. Bad infrastructure becomes a problem because less public transportation through this place. The bus only takes you to Pesanggaran Market and you still need to continue riding ojek for 45 minutes to Merah Island. The easiest way to reach it is by motorcycle and car.