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Tujuh Tingkat Batang Koban Waterfall
Air Terjun Tujuh Tingkat Batang Koban is located in Lubuk Ambacang village, Hulu Kuantan sub-district, Kuantan Singingi regency, Riau. The name of the waterfall is taken for the stream that falls into seven stairs of wall and it flows into the flow of the Kuantan River. The height of the waterfall is varied for each grade; the first level of the waterfall to the fourth level reaches a height of between 5-15 meters. Even at a level sixth is reaching a height of about more than 30 m.
This waterfall is generally crowded by the visitors during the Balimau bathing that held one day before the month of Ramadan.

Located about 37 Km from Teluk Kuantan bay, to go to the location of the waterfall is can be reached by public or private vehicles from Teluk Kuantan towards Hulu subdistrict. After Lubuk Jambi the capital city of Kuantan Mudik (22 Km from Teluk Kuantan) will be found a crossroads, to the right as far as 11 Km will be up to Lubuk Ambacang Capital District of Hulu Kuantan; and It takes 20 minutesí drive.

Another way is taken by entering the village of Jake, which takes 40 minutes. Towards the village of Lubuk Ambacang, from Koto Kombu we pass through a concrete bridge crosses Batang Kuantan River. The journey continues by boat or motorized canoe (pompom) as far as 4 km through rivers flow into the upstream side with a travel time of about 15 minutes. This boat can be found below about the bridge or in Lubuk Ambacang market, with the rental price of Rp.150 thousand. After passing a hill with a slope between 45 to 70 degrees and Tempurung Island, we will finally arrive to the location of the waterfall.

From the pier, after the boat landed, the first level of waterfall is already being seen. If you want to go to the next level (up to level four) we have to down the cliffs through concrete steps between the trees that still genuine.

To go to the seventh level from the fourth level, we must take more severe terrain by hanging among the tree roots. The distance between these waterfalls is between 50-100 meters. Around the nuance during the trekking to the waterfall there is very beautiful natural scenery with steep hills and protected forests pristine. Moreover, along the way, the visitors can see monkeys, birds and other forest animals, as if to welcome visitors.

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