View Full Version : Andung Biru Tea Plantation, Probolinggo - East Java

16-02-2016, 15:58
Andung Biru tea plantation is located in Probolinggo regency, Tiris sub-district, East Java. This plantation is having chill atmosphere and suitable for those who are like to avoid routine in big city crowd and refresh the mood.

The visitor can enjoy the green sight field of tea plantation over 300 ha area, with the elevation of 850 m from sea level. This plantation already existed since 1925 and since that time the plantation had running for regeneration, in case of the maintenance and agriculture.

The road to Andung Biru tea plantation is quite long and hard, for it will pass villages over the green sightseeing and there will be no modernization like traffic light or electricity. Using motorcycle is better recommended than using city car, unless the visitors use station wagon or outdoor vehicles. The visitors will experience the cool sensation and meet very nice native people over the villages.

After arriving in Andung Biru, we can meet the busy farmer ladies plucking the tea leave over the green field. Moreover, the visitors will also experience the process of making the raw tea leaves turn into the proceeded tea and ready-to-drink tea.

16-02-2016, 16:01