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16-02-2016, 15:50
Bono Attractions is located in Teluk Meranti village, along the Kampar and Rokan River. Bono is a natural phenomenon that came before the high tides. Where the sea water flow in and were met with water from the river Kampar, it causing a wave with a fairly high speed, as well as produce a voice like thunder and the sound of a great wind.

At the time of high tide season, the waves in Kampar River can reach 4-6 meters, which stretches from edge to edge and covering the whole body from the river. Uniquely this event occurs every day and night. Things to attract tourists to this attraction are swimming, fishing, boat riding, and many other activities.

Kampar River is male bono, while the female isin the area of Rokan River. There are seven Bono in Kampar, which form similar to a horse which is called as a Mother Bono. When the spring tide is off, it will this bono will go to Rokan River to meet the females bono. Then relax heading to the Strait of Malacca. That is why when a small moon and the tides off, bono was not found in both rivers. If the moon is bigger, the bono is back to both places, then play t to the river Kampar and Rokan River. If the moon is full, the bono will be more excited approached the two rivers.

Bono is usually occurs on any date between 13-18, in the middle of the according to Islamic calendar. The local people call it as "Bulan Besar" or the "New Moon". Normally the big wave Bono wil occur in date 13-16 months. The waves that occur normally be white and brown color, according to the water Kuala Kampar. In addition, Bono also occurs in every "Bulan Mati" that is at the end of the month and the beginning of the month (day 1) in Hijriyah.

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