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Taman Safari Indonesia II is located in Jatirejo Village, Prigen sub-district, Pasuruan regency. This venue having an elevation between 800-1500 above sea level.

Taman Safari Indonesia II was designed with two concepts in mind, combining modern zoo tourism with an area of natural beauty.

It was opened for the public on December 29, 1997 by Governor of East Java Bpk. Basofi Sudirman. At that time it held about 900 animals from 125 different species. Now the collection has more than 2500 animals from 200 different species.

This object is a wildlife sanctuary conservation and institution that occupies an area of 340 ha. It can be reached about an hour from Surabaya or Malang. The visitors can watch wildlife as their natural habitat, based on where its life, which is divided into 4 sections: Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa section.

Moreover, there are 3 other zones, which is, the animal life, the recreation zone as a place to show the attraction of wildlife and children’s play ground. There is also, the baby zoo zone and Water World which features adventure swimming with crocodiles, to enclose the kids with the animals and the visitors can take some pictures on it.

Beside the facilities that provided by the management Safari Park is also having 2 packages that can be offer to ther visitors, which is Education Package and Outbound Package. According to the tag line that it has, “Conservation, Education And Fun”, Safari Park II has already complete the things that needed to make the living conservation.

For the visitors who do not use private cars, the management in the Safari Park Prigen provide special vehicle that would take them around throughout the protected forests. The visitors are not allow to give anything to the animals like, vegetables or snacks, in order to keep the savety among the visitors and the animals. Furthermore, while on the restrictive area like in wild beast zone, the visitors ar not allow to open the car window, for it can make dangerous to themselves.
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To complete the adventures, the visitors will experience some more fun in the camping ground area. The trained guides will accompany your trip. Fresh air, rope climbing and flying fox will boost the adrenalin and release the tense during your daily activity. Just come and gather with your team or relatives to make an affordable sweet escape to get some fun experiences

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