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11-02-2016, 13:23
Rambut Monte tourism is located in Krisik village, Gandusari district, more or less 30 km from town Blitar. This temple is an altar for Hinduism at Majapahit Empire era. There is clear pool and big water that formed a lake. Some while, there are few people try to fishing in this lake, or have a family recreation and enjoy the fresh air because there are many trees around the lake.

In this pond there are dozens of Sengkaring fish, a kind of rare fish. Because the water is very clear, that we can see the sway of these fish clearly.

Local people said that the biggest Sengkaring fish is similar to the thigh of an adult, while, the smallest one is similar to the arm of an adult. These fishes are considered sacred by the local community and having the same number from the beginning until nowadays, is never change.

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14-09-2017, 19:41
The deck was change into modern style but damaged after the fallen trees. You can also try River Tubing that start on Rambut Monte (https://jelajahblitar.com/item/telaga-rambut-monte/)