View Full Version : Remen Beach, New Tourist Destination in Tuban

09-02-2016, 16:30

Remen Beach is one of the beach destination which is quite interesting in Tuban of East Java. The beach is located in Remen village, Jenu district, Tuban regency not only has a beautiful white sand decorated fir tree. However, there is also a lake that juts into the sea.

The white sandy beach was officially opened to the public on February 22 of 2015 and managed by the local village government. However, the admission price is very cheap. Only by paying the ticket of 2,000 IDR, visitors can enjoy the beauty of this beach.

When entering Remen Beach location, visitors will be treated to beautiful scenery, in the form of a circular white sand jutting into the sea, forming a pond or lake with the water flow is fairly calm.


09-02-2016, 16:37

In this lake of Remen Beach, visitors are usually swimming or just playing water and sand. On the beach, there are many food vendors, drinks and souvenirs typical of Tuban. Even so, Remen Beach was very clean no trash scattered. Looked available trash cans around the beach. Because it has a beautiful view, not a few who loves photography hunting some photos on this beautiful beach.