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09-02-2016, 09:47
Bedegung Waterfall

Bedegung is a waterfall that often called Curup Tenang. This is the highest waterfall in South Sumatra, which is located near the Bedegung village, Tanjung Agung sub District, about 56 km south of the Muara Enim.

This 99 meters high waterfall is sourced from springs that never dry in the gap mountain and falling down to form a small and rapid river. By the rapidness of this river, many tourists use it for rafting. Bedegung is a natural attraction that located in the district of Tanjung Agung.

By having 99 meters high, this waterfall is becomes one of the highest waterfalls in Indonesia after Sigura Gura Waterfall (250 meters), Payakumbuh waterfall in Harau canyon (150 meters), and Curug Citambur Waterfall (100 meters). Along the route to Bedegung, you will be greeted by the green paddy field that still natural. You have to travel a distance for about 56 km to the border Batu Raja, Muara Enim. Other way, you can use a private car and just need to take for 1 hour drive. To reach to the main destination, we can reach by taking some walk.

Along the journey to the waterfall, you can sit at some huts for just relaxing the foot for a while and restoring the energy. There are numbers of giant rocks in here and there; You can take pictures on the rocks with waterfall flowing as the background.

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