View Full Version : The Natural Beauty Semau Island - Kupang

01-02-2016, 16:10

Semau Island is an island that is located not too far from the capital city of East Nusa Tenggara named Kupang. Only needed about thirty minutes to cross from Tenau port Kupang heading to the Rakyat port on Semau Island. Typical of the area is dry and barren. In some parts there are farms but still rely on the rainy season.

A stretch of beautiful beaches spread in some parts of Semau Island. This arid island does offer the charm of extraordinary beauty. Semau Island is still natural because it has not been touched by the hands of humans. On Semau Island, there are several beautiful beaches that is still natural named, Liman Beach, Otan, Onanbalu, Uih Make, and Uitiuhtuan.

The five beaches in Semau that is the beaches are still quiet and minimal facilities. So to visit it prepare everything while still in Kupang. If you do not want to stay could also one day tour around the beaches it. Make sure first the schedule of the vessel citizens who will bring us back to Kupang.