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01-02-2016, 10:19
Tinggi Hari Megalith

This megalith site is located around Bukit Barisan, which administratively located in Lahat, Pagar Alam and Empatlawang. Megalith Tinggi Hari is popular with Megalith Pasemah. There are 1.027 heritages from the megalith era around 2000 years ago, that spread over 41 sites.

The shape of its megalith is dynamic, like human statue hugging elephant, tiger, buffalo, snake and so on.
The most heritages in Megalith Pasemah is lies over Dempo Mountain, a volcanic mountain with an altitude of 3159 meters above sea level. At that mountain, there is huge evident by the existence of great hill with 1736 meters high, above sea level.

At Pasemah Plateau, there are megalith buildings founded in the form of single or in groups of statues, mortar stone, tetralith alignment or stone enclosure.