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21-01-2016, 09:17

Mushroom hill is a natural phenomenon which is called Mushroom Rock, which is a phenomenon where the stone eroded by the wind which will carry and dispose of materials smaller than the stone. because the top of the rock is stronger and denser than the bottom, the bottom of the stone will be quickly eroded to form a rock similar to mushrooms. Mushrom usually occurs in dry areas, such as desert sand. And impression of this unique step and we can meet if we went to the Mount of Mushrooms in Bungah - Gresik.

Access road or route to the Mount Mushroom Bungah Gresik :
The hillside location mushrooms Bungah gresik Bungah village located in the District Bungah Gresik. To go to the hill mushrooms, from Kota Gresik heading west through the northern coast path, after passing the bridge over the river solo sembayat will meet the junction Bungah. Of this T-junction turn left following the directions to the Shaman, about 1 km on the right side of the road there was the alley entrance to the mining area of ​​limestone hills and residential development projects Bungah Pondok Indah. After entering the alley straight up at the end there is a T-junction turn left and just follow the road, the hill fungus already visible on the right side of the road.

Another path to head for the hills fungus Bungah, from the junction Bungah be straight to follow the instructions to Tuban. About 700 meter, across the street or on the right of the road there is the Multipurpose Building Three Son Sport Center, on the left side of the road there is the entrance to the mining project, entered it and follow the road straight ahead until you see the hill mushrooms on the right side of the road.

The uniqueness and distinctive Hill Mushroom Bungah Gresik :
Tourist attractions Gresik Mushroom Hill is a place where the project excavation / mining limestone that has been left behind. Actually hill this fungus is not a tourist spot, because increasingly many visitors who come to this place, the place is now called Places. There we can see a phenomenon that is a step that is a collection of mushroom-shaped rock that is funny and unique once. The highest peak of this hill is about 7 meters. This place is perfect for us who want refreshing. For the lovers of photography, hill fungi can be used as a base from which to hunt or hunting photo in Gresik.