View Full Version : Argopuro Mountain, Situbondo - East Java

20-01-2016, 10:09

The Argopuro mountain complex offers one of the longest and most isolated treks in Java with incredible scenery to match. Above the agricultural land (corn, cassava, tobacco, coffee, cocoa), at about 1,200m, the track enters tall, often moss/lichen/epiphyte-covered, lower-montane forest. At higher altitudes (above about 1,800m), casuarina (Casuarina junghuhniana) dominates the upper-montane slopes; this specie is especially resistant to fires that are quite common. Extensive “button-grass” meadows occur in depressions. Edelweiss (Anaphalis javanica) occurs in the sub-alpine zone around 2,600m and above. Many local hikers spend 4-6 days making the traverse and the 3-day trip is about a short as you can realistically make it.

The ruins of an ancient Hindu temple on Rengganis peak, named after Princess Rengganis who supposedly built the temple possibly as early as the 12th century, make for a mystical experience. The highest peak is Argopuro (3,088m) adjacent to Rengganis (3,066m). The track passes by the beautiful, secluded Danau Taman Hidup (Living Garden Lake) (2,000m).

The Rengganis/Argopuro peaks can be approached from either the towns of Baderan to the north-east or Bremi to the west. The Baderan ascent is more gradual although longer. This description starts at Baderan and finishes at Bremi. Guides/porters can be arranged and permits obtained from the Forestry Office, Baderan (at the end of the asphalt road), for which copies of passport/ID are essential.