View Full Version : The Beauty of Balabalagan Islands in Mamuju

18-01-2016, 17:01

Balabalagan Islands or also known as the name Kepulauan Balabalakang (Balabalakang Islands) is an archipelago located in the border province of East Kalimantan and West Sulawesi. Even so administratively the islands into area of Balabalakang village, Simboro district and & Islands, Mamuju regency of West Sulawesi.

Balabalagan Islands consists of several islands that certainly has a beautiful panorama. Some of the island include Popongan Island, Sabakatang Island, Samataha Island, Saboyang Island and several other islands. There are two ways to get to these islands namely from Balikpapan or from Tanag Grogot, East Kalimantan Province.

The facilities of Balabalagan Islands is equipped with several public facilities such as restrooms. Popongan Island is an island with complete facilities in these islands. On the island there are few facilities for sports such as football field, volleyball court, badminton, table tennis and billiards as well as a prayer room.

Besides just Popongan island also has fresh water sources. Unfortunately electricity is not yet fully exist in these islands. Local communities use the generator for lighting ranging from six o'clock to eleven o'clock at local time.