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Sapat Hawung Hill

Sapat Hawung hill is located in the District of Uut Murung – Murung Raya regency, part of the headwaters of the Barito River (one of the major rivers on the island of Borneo)

The Locals call this hill as “Baring Hawun”, which means “high hill that large and elongated” and hawun means “dew”. This based on the peak that is almost always been covered in fog.

To reach the area, we can start from Palangkaraya (Central Kalimantan provincial capital) which can be reached by aircraft pioneer to Muara Teweh (North Barito regency) or Puruk Cahu (Murung Raya regency) for ± 1 hour 30 minutes or via land transportation for ± 6-8 hours to Teweh estuary. Furthermore, from the estuary towards Puruk Cahu Teweh ± 102 Km and it can be reached by land transportation for ± 4 hours.

The access to the nature reserve towards Bukit Sapat Hawung is quite difficult. From Puruk Cahu towards the villages around the area (Kelasin village or Keramu village) can be reached by land transportation for ± 5 hours due to poor road conditions. To go to the Wildlife Conservation Hawung Sapat Hill, it can be reached through a number of Murung’s tributaries (Malu river, Buluh and Belatung river) by using small klotok or cess (similar to wooden boat with engine)

Sapat Hawung Hill Preserve and Conservation Area is including a wet tropical rain forest type and it dominated by highland dipterocarp family (group Meranti). Flora Types include Balau, Keruing, nyatoh, Mahang, Chronic Shit, Ulin, different types of orchids, Palm mountain, Pulut Rattan, Rattan Manau, Meranti Copper, stretched, Rengas, Ivory Wood, Waru Mount, Simpur, Durian / Karantungan, White Meranti, applicability, Lagerstroemia and Jabon.

The types of animals that live in the Sapat Hawung Hills Wildlife Conservation including horn bill, Orangutan, Owa-owa, Murai Batu Bird, Peacock, Monkey, Snake, Mouse Deer, Deer, Pigs, Honey Bear and poisonous frogs.

The adjacent village / Nature Reserves around the area such as Bukit Sapat Hawung is Tumbang Jojang, Tumbang Topus, Tumbang Tujang, Jojang Parit, Keramu, Kelasin and Parahau.

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