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Puncak Lawang is a peak plateau in Agam District, West Sumatra. From this place, we can see the blue Maninjau Lake. Puncak Lawang is located in Matur sub-district, Agam regency, West Sumatra. This peak is in the same area to Lake Maninjau. From this point, we can see the whole view of Lake Maninjau

Puncak Lawang is settled at 1,210 meters above sea level. In colonial times, it was used as a resting place of the Dutch nobility. Puncak Lawang is often used for championships of paragliding international class because it is one of the best spots in Southeast Asia. To reach the Peak, we will pass the 44 turnings trip named Kelok 44.

To go to Puncak Lawang, you can use the overland trip. There are two alternative routes that you can use to get to the location, either western or the eastern route.

If you are going from the west, you will start the journey from the city of Padang Panjang and will pass Pariaman towards Lubuk Basung first. Then, we will passing through the Maninjau Lake and Kelok 44, with approximately 2.5 hours drive.

Meanwhile, if you prefer to use the trip from the east, you will follow the route of Padang heading to the town of Bukittinggi first, once you arrive in Bukittinggi, you can use public transportation, private car or a rental car, and It takes about 3 hours drive