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13-01-2016, 16:43

Kediri Waterpark is a new waterpark in Kediri. is the largest water tourism in East Java, officially opened to the public since June 18 of 2014. This Destinations is very special because it has the longest water slide in Asia, which is along 206 meters at an altitude of 350 meters above sea level. Thus, water slide that will be the main attraction for tourists, especially the residents of East Java.

Kediri Waterpark Family Adventures occupying an area of 6 hectares. Due to its location is very extensive, the management provides a shuttle bus to facilitate tourist mobility. Meanwhile, the gateway Kediri Waterpark decorated by statues of Ganesha as icons.

Kediri Waterpark is located on the slopes of the foothills of Mount Wilis Kediri, Kediri Waterpark offers the perfect blend of tropical beauty of the mountain scenery, mountain creeks, and the largest water rides waterpark in East Java. Precisely on Pagung highway Pagung, Pagung village, Semen district, Kediri regency of East Java Province. These attractions offer the beauty of a tropical mountain and creeks around the mountains.

Kediri itself is a city divided by Brantas River and lies between the valley of Mount Wilis as high as 2,552 meters above sea level. In addition to family tourism, Kediri is also blessed with beautiful nature and historical sites supporting religious tourism. Local culinary such as Soto Kediri and Pecel also must be tasted while there.