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12-01-2016, 17:13
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Pasoso Island is one of potential natural attractions located in Central Sulawesi, it is an island which is famous for the green turtle population is located on the west coast of Donggala, and administratively included in Balaesang District. Pasoso Island offers views of the sea and the beaches are very beautiful, more fascinating beauty of the beach atmosphere while watching a group of turtles started to ashore to lay their eggs. Therefore it Pasoso Island also known as Turtle Island. Sunlight shining on the island throughout the day is guaranteed to satisfy the visitors, so do not be surprised if a lot of foreign tourists who use it for sunbathing.


Lately Pasoso Island been designated as a conservation area which has panoramic beauty of sea turtles, for you who loves of snorkeling will discover the beauty of underwater world that is beyond compare. Or also can enjoy a variety of local culture are very fascinating.


To reach Pasoso Island can be reached through multiple paths, but the main lines are from Tambu village, Balaesang district, 108 km to the northern of Palu City, with travel by boat for approximately an hour. An alternative route is not less thrill from Tanjung Karang, this path is the most popular due to some tourism entrepreneurs in Tanjung Karang prepared a tour package to Pasoso Island via boat coral observer that makes visitors can see the beauty of underwater panorama. Besides that, for you who loves of watersport or fishing tour around Pasoso Island location is a very promising area for a visit. Also you can stay overnight on this island then you can see the sunrise and sunset.