View Full Version : The White Sand Ngalur Beach Tulungagung

11-01-2016, 17:01

Ngalur Beach is a beach located in Jengglungharjo village, Tanggunggunung district of Tulungagung. The location of Ngalur Beach is approximately 24.6 km from downtown Tulungagung. The beach is adjacent to Sanggar Beach and Patuk Gebang Beach. Ngalur Beach is well-known as the beauty of white sand and seawater are bluish. For those who loves photography, Ngalur Beach is suitable for get photographed a very beautiful location. To reach Ngalur Beach, the visitors can use two route, first you can use the route through Sanggar Beach, then you have to walk to the left side of the hills. Do not take the right side as direction to Patuk Gebang Beach. Second, you can directly go to Sanggar Beach of the nearby village, when it was on track toward the beach you can ask people around to Ngalur Beach location.