View Full Version : Liawan Waterfall in Mamasa

22-12-2015, 16:29

Liawan Waterfall tourist attraction offers exotica natural and beautiful scenery in Mamasa, West Sulawesi might be worth you make a reference spot traveled with family. Liawan Waterfall tiered seven or terraces could be the place to go adventure for those who dare to jump from a height while enjoying natural and beautiful waterfalls.

Indonesia is rich in tourist attraction of exotic waterfall complete with beautiful natural panorama. Liawan Waterfall with a height of 350 meters is still natural. No wonder on the holiday or weekends, this waterfall is visited by tourists. To reach the waterfall, visitors must travel by motorcycle or car from downtown Sumarorong District as far as 2 kilometers. Then proceed on foot along 200 meters. The cool mountain air to treat the first moment walking along the rice field or across the river to the waterfall.

To enter Liawan Waterfall, the visitor must pay entrance fee of 7,000 IDR per person. Arriving at the site, visitors are immediately treated to an amazing sight, a cascading waterfall in front of the eye. Exotic natural scenery is guaranteed to eliminate fatigue for those who come to this place. If visitors want to climb to a height of about 350 meters should be careful because the road to the top is quite challenging to pass the steep cliffs. Natural atmosphere is cool and clear water adds to the beauty of Liawan Waterfall. No wonder the visitors who come is really enjoy for beauty of nature in Mamasa. Although the water was very cold, but the visitors linger to soak in this waterfall.