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Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin Great Mosque or better known as Palembang Great Mosque is the largest mosque in Palembang. This mosque founded by Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin 1 or Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin Jaya Wikramo beginning in 1738 until 1748. It is said that this mosque is the largest mosque in the archipelago at the time. Palembang Great Mosque was built in 1738 by Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin I Jayo Wikramo. Mosque dedication was held on the 28th Jamadi Beginning in 1151 AH (May 26, 1748). The first time the size of the mosque building was originally constructed area of ​​1080 square meters with a capacity of 1200 worshipers. The first expansion is done by endowments Sayid Umar bin Muhammad Assegaf Altoha and Sayyid Ahmad bin Syech Sahab held in 1897 under the leadership of Mustafa mangala Karta Nataagama Prince Raden Ibn Kamaluddin.

At the beginning of its construction (1738-1748), as the old mosques in Indonesia, Palembang Great Mosque is at first did not have a tower. Later in the reign of Sultan Ahmad Najamudin (1758-1774) then built a tower that is located a little apart on the west. Form of the tower as the tower of the temple buildings with lead roof curved shape. On the outside of the body of the tower there is a fenced patio that surrounds the body.Form of the mosque which is now known as the Great Mosque, not much different as we see now. Its current form has undergone many times overhaul and expansion. At first the corrections made by the Dutch government after a major war in 1819 and 1821. After repairs and the addition / expansion in 1893, 1916, the 1950s, the 1970s, and most recently in the 1990s. In the work of renovation and construction of the 1970's by Pertamina, made the building of the tower so as to achieve its present form. The original tower with a Chinese-style roof is torn down.Second expansion in 1930. conducted again in 1952 the expansion of the Mosque Foundation in 1966-1969 to build a second floor addition to a mosque till now so vast 5520 square meters with a capacity of 7750.

Palembang Great Mosque is the old mosque and very important in the history of Palembang. The mosque is about 259 years old located in 19 Ilir Urban Village, District of West Ilir I, right in the meeting between Jalan Sudirman and Jalan Merdeka, the center of the city of Palembang. Not far away, there Ampera Bridge. The mosque and the bridge has become a land mark the city until now.Historically, the mosque at the center of the Kingdom into the center of Islamic studies who gave birth to a number of important scholars of his day. Shaykh Abdus Samad al-Palembani, Pack Fachruddin, and Abdullah bin Syihabuddin are some scholars who are in the mosque and has an important role in Islamic discourse and praxis.

The Architecture of Palembang Great Mosque
Palembang Great Mosque are generally divided into two main buildings, namely the original mosque building and building additional mosques. The original mosque was in the west, still maintained its authenticity until now. While building additional mosques located on the east by the size of a much larger, grand and modern.

Some authors refer to the architecture of this mosque as a marriage between the east and west. Basic form is characterized by the building of this mosque is Indonesia, with a three-tiered pyramid roof on 4 strut by major sokuguru support the roof, plus a strut 12 which surrounds the main pillars. As an ancient mosque mosque native Indonesia. The basic shape is not much different from the Great Mosque of Demak (1477) in Java.

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