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17-12-2015, 17:53

Ulak Lia Lake is located near the town of Sekayu Downtown Banyuasin and can only be reached after crossing the river Musi for approximately 20 minutes by ferry boat. It is located in Soak Baru village, Sekayu district, precisely located opposite Sekayu city which about 2.5 km, with about 75 hectare width.

The lake has beautiful panorama surrounded by leafy trees and unspoiled atmosphere. In the rainy season, Ulak Lia lake looks more beautiful because the tidal Musi river has inundate the entire surface of the lake. Ulak Lia lake is the mainstay tourist attraction of Musi Banyuasin because it's location not far from Sekayu downtown. Around the lake there were shade trees so it is ideal place to relax and picnic with family.


01-11-2017, 15:09
Tourism Object Beach Reporter Mull Way is located in 14 km from Kalianda and 30 km from the intersection on the path Gayam Bakauheni - Bandar Lampung. For some reason the name of the beach was used as a reporter. Wins have turned calibaration tourist area is managed by a group of local journalists. From this and agreed that the name of a tourist attraction as the Beach Reporter. Journalists and the surrounding coast is expected to develop into a Tourist Village with views out to the group of Krakatoa. Location Journalists beach occupies a narrow area between Mount Rajabasa ring road, mountain and sea. A hot spring located on the beach side rock bald mountain foothills continuous steaming hot (sea water temperature 80-100 C), the hill of Mount Baldy is located right in the tidal area. From the hill about 50 meters tall, you can view a very beautiful stretch of beach.
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