View Full Version : Ngleyangan Waterfall, Kediri

16-12-2015, 11:53
Ngleyangan Waterfall also well-known as Sekartaji Waterfall. The fall of water from a height of approximately 123 meters is tourist attraction besides to the cool air because Ngleyangan Waterfall has an altitude 800 meters above sea level. This waterfall is located on the eastern slope of Mount Wilis. On the top of the waterfall, there are the rest of site in the form of wells and Hindu statues. It is said where Mpu Brahmaraja live with her daughter Dewi Amisani (Dandang Gendis) for some time until he was picked up to return to the Kediri palace to be crowned King of Kediri new title Sri Kertajaya to replace Jayasheba who died a few months earlier.

Ngleyangan Waterfall is located in the Hamlet of Goliman, Parang Village, Banyakan District, Kediri Regency of East Java Province. Located approximately 20 km to the northwest of Kediri. Can be reached by private vehicle or public transport.