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16-12-2015, 11:15

Lawean Sendang Waterfall is one of Tulungagung tourist potential with a height of approximately 100 m terraces and branching. Lawean Sendang Waterfall is located on the slopes of Mount Wilis with height 1200 m above sea level. Lawean Sendang Waterfall is one of Tulungagung tourist potential is in Turi hamlet, Geger village, Sendang district approximately 25 km west of Tulungagung.

To get Lawean Sendang Waterfall, the visitors have to walk approximately 3 km through the panoramic beauty of hills and crossed the river nine times in the virgin forest. According to the locals, who bathe in the waterfall as high as approximately 100 m terraces and branching is believed to be recovering from illness. Myth of "Mbok Roro Dewi Gangga", "Mbok Roro Cemethi”, "Mbok Roro Willis" and "MBok Roro Endang Sampur" in believed as ruler of the waterfall.

On the other hand there are still in Sendang area named Pandan Wangi Waterfall with a height of approximately 30 m is within the tea plantation of Sumber Pandan in Ngelurup village. Because the typical path to this object, up, down, slippery, steep, and break through the undergrowth, it is very suitable for tourist climbers and nature lovers. In the neighborhood of the waterfall grow orchids look very beautiful when blooming.

Not far from Lawean Sendang Waterfall there on Penampehan temple located in the village of Geger, Sendang district. To reach the temple can be reached by private or rented vehicle. Terraced temple building protected by the ancient Kalpataru trees. Slab inscription of King Balitung IX centuries mention the sculpture "Kili Suci", "Asmoro Bangun", "Patung Padi", Tirta Amerta"which is a relic of past ancestors. And there is also Tan Tek Sue cave, lodging Argo Willis “Genceng” and duriah fruit “Bajul” complete the objects that impress in Lawean Penampehan Sendang. The waterfall area you can make a choice of natural attractions that are cheap and can enjoy the beautiful natural beauty.