View Full Version : Tanah Merah Waterfall in Samarinda

01-12-2015, 16:14

Tanah Merah waterfall has a height of about 15 meters. White water flowing behind big rocks and when the water falls into the lake below it was not clear that the actual color. The muddy color due to the composition of the soil which is actually above the peat forest land mixes with water that causes the water become cloudy.

Tanah Merah waterfall situated in Purwosari hamlet, North Samarinda district, Samarinda of East Kalimantan Province.
Tanah Merah is approximately 14 km from downtown Samarinda. These attractions are on the road axis of Samarinda-Bontang, nearby Unmul Botanical Garden Samarinda (KRUS) or Kebun Raya Unmul Samarinda, about 15 minutes. To reach Tanah Merah waterfall can be reached with motorcycle or car. For those who use public transportation, using the route from Segiri Market to Siring River, then stop at three-junction towards Tanah Merah waterfall. But the access road to the waterfall is not paved. Approximately one kilometer access road is still rocky.

The facilities available includes: open stage, bathroom, sitting area or a bench park, swimming pool, gazebo, shop, a large parking area, and a children's playground. For the benefit of visitors to see the whole scenery around Tanah Merah waterfall, the manager builds a wooden staircase which divides the hill. So that visitors more freely up and down the hill without worrying fall slip.