View Full Version : Kumkum Ecotourism, Recreational Park in the Central of Palangkaraya

24-11-2015, 16:52

Kumkum is a tourism recreational park located in the West of Palangkaraya. Kumkum ecotourism located near the Kahayan Bridge the Palangkaraya landmark. As its location is near the center of Palangkaraya, Kumkum ecotourism is frequently visited year round. About 10 km away from the City Centre which can be reached by car or two-wheeler for approximately 15 minutes

Most people see Kumkum Ecotourism as the mini zoo since there are several animals living here, like crocodiles, bears and monkeys. There are huts surrounded by rubber trees here which you can rent. You can enjoy the water of Kahayan River flow by while either having a meal or checking your smart phone or laptop with the free wifi service available. The places are connected by a wooden path built on the Kahayan River. You can seat freely on the edge of the pathway or just walk around the park. On some days in the evening some live music is performed on the Flexiholic stage.

As Kumkum Ecotourism is located near the center of Palangkaraya City, you can easily use public transportation to get this Kumkum ecotourism.