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17-11-2015, 17:29


Kaimana, is a regency and a small port town in West Papua and the capital of the Kaimana Regency. It is served by Kaimana Airport. Kaimana is part of a Sea Conservation Area in West Papua.

There is one of Indonesia songs tittled “Senja di Kaimana” which mean The Dawn At Kaimana, that describe the beauty of Kaimana. In fact,
the beauty of the ocean in Kaimana is indeed gorgeous and having a million charms. One of the attractive places is in the Triton Bay City Kaimana. From the city to the Triton Bay of Kaimana is very easy, it only takes 1.5 hours.

For those who love marine tourism, having journey to Kaimana is such an exciting journey. After passing Cape Bicari which is little bit bumpy, the tourist will finally arrived in the Strait of Erana, popularly known as the Strait of Namatota

On this island, it looked stunning. There is a whale-shaped mountain. At the stalactites of the mountain there are paintings depicting the sun, the human hand, and also human skulls. If we are lucky, we can see the group of whale and dolphin every 8 – 12 PM at noon. This place is such a dolphin and whale’s favorite restaurant, because there are tons of fishes in bank fish.

The customs in Kaimana more or less received the cultural influences from the outside as the result of social interaction, so that the values ??of the origin peoples of this region have been acculturated by surrounding cultural values??.

Residents who live in remote mountainous areas has not been much influenced by the interaction from the outside, while the population of coastal areas have a lot of influence through marriage, the art of music / dance as well as how to dress.

Looking at the social economic conditions of the region, Kaimana people are generally engaged in the fisheries and the subsistence nature of agriculture, traditional plantations, construction worker and longshoreman. While in the field of businesses are generally occupied by residents from Bugis, Javanese and Indonesian descent Citizens.

The tourism potential in Kaimana is taken from white sandy beaches, bays, lakes, coral reefs and a beautiful sunset panorama. In addition to the potential non-biological nature tourism and biodiversity is, there is also potential for cultural tourism as an expression of people’s behavior in natural resource management, including rituals and local wisdom to protect and preserve their natural riches. This regency is also have the facility of communication, transportation and lodging which is eligible for tourism development.

There are five water bays in Kaimana regency: Bisari Bay, Etna Bay, Avona Bay, Triton Bay and Arguni Bay. Along the waters of the bay, there are many small islands with hills and cliffs that show the beautiful natural scenery of Kaimana.