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12-11-2015, 16:50

This sago maggot is one of signatures dishes from Papua. They sometimes eat the maggot raw by consuming the body of the maggot or they cook it with other spices like garlic, shallot, chilly and more. This high protein maggot is yummy and healthful. Do you mind to eat one?

03-02-2020, 17:59
Kamaro tribe who live in Timika Regency, Papua, has more than the famous wood carving and amazing traditional dance. It also offers experience of eating sago maggots for extreme-foodies. Papuan people have long been eating the sago maggots raw.

However, some people are also cook it by boiling or sauteing it with vegetables. Some others skewed the maggots into satay. Legend has it that the maggots are good for stamina.

Known as Butod locally, Sago Grub or Sago Worm is a delicacy, as well as the most disgusting food of Sabah. Junk food always look good, but it does ugly things to your body. Sago Grub is the opposite, itís an ugly but nutritious food. However, itís a test of bravery to put this wriggling bug into your mouth.

Butod is the larvae of Sago Palm Weevil, a species of snout beetle that consumes sago palm during its infancy. Sago Grub can grow fatter than the little finger and looks like a giant maggot.Sago Grub is white. I notice itíll turn yellowish or brownish after being exposed to ultraviolet. Sago grubs can die fairly quick under direct sunlight and dry place. Keep them in shade, preferably with pieces of damp sago wood, and they can survive for a few days.