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06-11-2015, 09:31

Selendang Arum Waterfall

Selendang Arum Waterfall is located in the Sumberasih hamlet, Sumberarum Village, District Songgon, Banyuwangi. This has reached a height of 20 meters and it has an exotic features at the water wall. This slippery rocks radiate sparkle when the weather is sunny. The name of Selendang Arum taken because the rock forms around the waterfall is like scarves (selendang).

To get to Selendang Arum, there are two alternatives that can be selected. First, from Rogojampi Songgon Sragi Sumberarum. Secondly, from the village of Gendoh Sragi village Sumberarum with a total distance of 10km.

Both of the first and second alternate road conditions equally bagus.Tapi good road conditions was limited in the village Sragi. While Sumberarum village roads still need to be more careful today. Vehicles must be extra careful when crossing the road in the village.

Attractions in Niagara Scarves Arum has not been found and accommodation facilities to support tourism activities there. However, when arriving at the destination exotic natural ambience will pay all of an exhausting trip before.