View Full Version : Tabuhan Island, The Best Spot For Scuba Diving in Banyuwangi

04-11-2015, 16:01

Tabuhan Island is a tourist destination that is suitable for those who want to go scuba diving in Banyuwangi. This one of the best spot for scuba diving. The sea water is very clear on this island, and indeed worthy of being one of the tourist attractions of wonderful Banyuwangi.

Tabuhan Island located in Bangsring Village, Wongsorejo District, distance Tabuhan Island is only about 20 km from the downtown Banyuwangi. This uninhabited island has an area of about 5 hectares with the character of white sand beaches and the sea water is so clear.

To reach Tabuhan Island, you have to cross the ocean through Kampe Beach. Access to the Kampe Beach can be through a path in Pasewaran garden. There are many fishermen on the Kampe Beach, and there is also a boat that is ready to take you to Tabuhan Island with a trip time of about 30 minutes.

Garden of exotic sea, stunning coral reefs and inhabited by thousands of species of fish, sponges, lobsters and a variety of marine plants is the main attraction which is served by the beauty of Tabuhan Island. Plus, with the clear sea water, Tabuhan Island is perfect for those who like a bit of maritime activities such as scuba diving.

Besides the marine wildlife and marine life, various kinds of land animals can live pleasant on this island. For example, the famous Maleo bird from Sulawesi Island always migrate in habitat Tabuhan Island.