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02-11-2015, 18:00

Wayag island is the icon of Raja Ampat. So if you want to visit Raja Ampat, you have to visit this beautiful place. It is one of the islands in Raja Ampat of West Papua Province. The island has many beautiful spots, such atolls and underwater spots. The total area of the island is about 155,000 hectares. In this island, you can find pristine beaches with incredibly unique karst islands. The karst island is like mushrooms sprouting out of the sea water. The panorama of the island is so amazing that you feel like you are in heaven. The flora and the fauna are diverse that you feel like you can’t count how many they are. The beautiful scenery of the island is not just on its surface but also in its underwater. When you do water activities here, you’ll see how amazing the underwater life in this island is.

Wayag Island is located in the West Waigeo area, Raja Ampat. Precisely, the island is in the northwest of Papua Island. To reach the island, you should go by boat from Sorong. Book a flight to Sorong first when you want to visit the island. Sorong is the main gate to the islands of Raja Ampat. You can fly by several airplanes such as Express Air, Merpati Air or Lion Air to Sorong. The various flights enable you to come to Sorong more easily. Having arrived at Sorong, you can then go by boat from Port Sorong. The boats are varied, such as Sinabung, Labobar, Dorolonda, Gunung Dempo and Tatamailau.The boat will take you to Waisai within about two hours.


The most interesting activities you can do in Wayag Island is diving and snorkeling. You can dive in many dive spots. You’ll see various colorful coral reefs species when diving. Also, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery complete with its fish species, such as jacks, barracudas, wobbegong sharks, bumphead parrotfish, sea fans and pigmy seahorses. If you love photography, this is the best chance to take the most amazing pictures in this dive spot. The dive spots you can try include Biak Diving and Papua Diving Sorido Bay Resort and Kri Eco Resort. You can also enjoy the beautiful atolls in this island. Take the pictures as well and keep it as your most precious pictures.

Wayag Island does not have shelters to stay overnight. If you want to spend the night on this island, the best way is to find a homestay around the island or find a resort. There are no restaurants in the island. Hence, you must bring enough food supply when visiting the island. Wayag Island is a remote island with the most fantastic view. Most tourists are interesting in visiting the island as it offers them the most amazing adventure or exploration. Hence, include this island in your travel plan when you are in West Papua.

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