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Ayau Archipelago is part island of Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia. Raja Ampat is maritime archipelago, are the regency that has many islands. And one of the island is Ayau Archipelago. The island is not only offers you natural beauty but there you can see the conservation of leatherback which is listed on endangered animal. Ayau is situated at north of Waigeo Island and has 5 villages, Yenkawir, Rutum, Reni, Meosbekwan and Doreker. The most attractive village is Rutum. The infrastructure in this village is more complete because there is guesthouse there.

To reach Ayau Archipelago, you can take a flight from Jakarta to Sorong. After that, you can continue your trip by riding speedboat or long boat from Sorong Pier to cross Raja Ampat Regency. The first direction is visiting Waigeo Island. Although its regency has 4 main islands, but Waigeo Island is the only island that close to Ayau Archipelago. Furthermore, you won’t like to continue your trip to Sorong directly because it will take 3 – 4 days with sea’s problems. After you arrived at Waigeo Island, you better take a rest for a while and continue your trip to Ayau next day because you will face long journey. From the pier of Waisai, you can hire speedboat to take you to Ayau Archipelago.


Ayau Archipelago is a small island with natural scenery. Its island has beautiful underwater marine life and you can see it clearly because it has clear water. Even when you dive, you can swim together with colorful fishes. The panorama of coral reefs make divers love to stay longer. The depth of water that can be dive is from 5 – 20 meters. At evening, you can see children from Rutum Village playing and even jumping into the sea from the pier. They are not afraid at all and that is why they continue to try so many times.

The other attraction you can see when you come to Ayau Archipelago is from December to January, you can see officer of animal conservation at night. They stroll along the coast of Ayau Beach to find whether the turtle come to lay eggs. After that, they will take the eggs and try to hatch. They do this to preserve leatherbacks which is become a rare animal in Indonesia. At summer, the temperature in the island can be very hot at noon. You need to apply sun-block to safe your skin. But, after you jump into the sea, you will feel fresh again.


Actually, Ayau Archipelago is not a big region and it has many small villages. Furthermore, it will be difficult to find equipment of diving stuffs. You have to prepare it first before you come to the island. Most of visitors who come to this place will love to spend their time in the water because they can find so many marine life with beautiful coral reefs. Ayau Archipelaho has many bungalow and guesthouse. But if you want cheaper prices, you can stay overnight in resident’s house.

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