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09-10-2015, 16:36

Kamali Beach is located in the center of Bau Bau City, Southeast Sulawesi and is always visited by many people, especially in the evening, on both weekdays and holidays because the beach is so central and easy to reach.

Kamali Beach is divided into 3 areas which are:

East Side: This side is besides a beach also a market for accessories, child toys like ball bath, fishing magnet, etc. The sellers only sell their goods at night and evening because at day it is not allowed.

Center side: here you can see the Dragon Head Statue, a Bau Bau Maskot. Its eye will look blaze red at night. The statue was built in 2007 as symbol of power, persistence and the glory of Buton Kingdom. In front of this statue you will find the omnipresent food sellers, selling especially traditional foods like gorengan and saraba. Saraba is Sulawesi special drink made from ginger similar with Bajigur or Bandrek in Java. For trying saraba you just spend 5000 rupiahs.

West Side: although this place was the quiet side mainly used for parking and exhibitions, it is now dominated by sellers as well.

The atmosphere at Kamali Beach at night is fresh and busy as many people hang around here, eating and having fun. The beach is also completed with hotspot facility and children's play garden.

As the beach is the located strategically in the city center it is very easy to reach Kamali Beach. Besides taxi you can use a pedicab, usually called "bentor", to take you there or back to your hotel in the night. With a cost if about 5.000 to 10.000 rupiah the bentor is very cheap.


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