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22-09-2015, 13:38

Trenggalek, one of regency in the Southern of Java Island, precisely in the province of East Java. It is in the South of Java island and is bordered by the sea, so it is definitely Trenggalek has a series of beautiful beaches for visit, one of them is Karanggongso Beach.

Karanggongso beach located in Tasikmadu village, Watulimo district, about 52 kilometers from Trenggalek. This beach is the favorite beaches are visited by Trenggalek citizens because besides its beautiful beaches, this beach has complete facilities, access to which is easily accessible and located close to other beaches such as Prigi beach, Pasir Putih beach, Mbangko’an beach, Watu Lunyu beach, Cengkrong beach and other beaches.

To get the Karanggongso beach from the Trenggalek City is quite easy because all the streets are already many direction way. From Trenggalek city, you can toward the route Trenggalek – Tulungagung up in intersection Bandung and there will find road signs of Karanggongso or Prigi Beach. From here the travelers can take the road signs leading to Prigi beach adjacent to Karanggongso beach. The travelers can take the route start from intersection of Bandung – Bandung market – Watulimo district – Lowo Cave Tourism area – Community forest and settlements in the area Watulimo – Tasikmadu village – Prigi beach – Pasir Putih beach – Karanggongso beach.

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