View Full Version : Waterfall Village Medowo - Kandangan Kediri

Lusana Rach
21-09-2015, 10:22
Visit one of the natural attractions that are managed by the Forestry Department of East Java Province is exhausting. But after seeing the waterfall at the end of the path that we've been through all the tiredness feels it has paid by paronama and natural beauty around the waterfall. Things that need to be considered and developed is the region and the access road to the entrance of the waterfall.

Sightseeing trip begins from the gathering of the group in the district Kandangan, a district in the east of Kediri. Together towards the waterfall through a winding path meanders. Road narrowed even route we passed unchanged from the asphalt road into the concrete rebate. The trip should pause after the road impassable by car. We were dropped off at one of the rest area that is being built. Soon we break while looking at an unfinished atmosphere made people around who are ready to come with the bike took us one by one to the top. The distance of about 3 km more to the location.

It took guts strong and physical endurance to climb the high stone road with motorcycles. on the right side of a cliff on the left side of the ravine. Past the small bridge of bamboo. Using a motorcycle trip ends at the entrance to the waterfall. after meeting with officers keeping with the spirit we continue the rest of the way on foot. rugged terrain some slippery rocks and soil and erosive adds its own challenges. The motors are used should have a trail bike models, some residents use regular motor with brake replacement more often about 5 months. some friends still wrong way. The need for additional signposts to the location so as not misdirected. Mountain sandals or shoes must be strong because the path of a path climbing on rocky ground.

In the end we managed to get to the destination safely. When it has reached the waterfall in the village this Medowo atmosphere turned into relief and balmy. Forms towering cliffs nearly 90 degrees perpendicular to add a sense of awe. Nothing feels more exhausting trip.