View Full Version : Guci Kapal Beach, Favorite Beach with Uniqueness of Legend

17-09-2015, 17:53

Guci Batu Kapal Beach is favorite tourist attraction in Lampung. The name Guci was taken from an ancient story, which allegedly found a large jar relics of foreign merchants at the area. This jar can make someone disappear when he/she gets into the jar. The legend of 'The Curse of the bitter tongue' and Magic Jar add to the attraction of Guci Batu Kapal Beach. This beach is located in the Maja village, Kalianda, South Lampung regency, Lampung province. The distance is approximately 5 kilometers from the Kalianda, the capital of South Lampung regency. From Bandar Lampung, Lampung provincial capital, Kalianda can be reached approximately 1.5 hours. The admission to this tourist area is very affordable, it is about Rp. 5000 per person.

Guci Batu Kapal Beach has beautiful beach, soft sand, and rocks that seemed to squeeze from both sides. The waves are calm with lush trees that decorate the shoreline. You can swim on this beach. Moreover, there is a natural swimming pool located between the rocks with clear water. The rocks that seemed to be a niche that traps seawater and form a pool of clear water with a coral base. When the water receded, the rocks turn into a natural aquarium contains small fish trapped in it.

There are a lot of activities can be done in Guci Batu Kapal Beach, including rowing boat. The beauty of the sunset in the Guci Batu Kapal Beach is also the reason why many tourists come to this beach. The natural beauty and uniqueness of its legend is also a reason why Guci Batu Kapal Beach becomes the site of a festival entitled the 4th Nusantara Adventurers Festival. The Festival which was held from August,15th to 17th offered various exciting activities among others paragliding, snorkeling, photography trekking, and diving. On August 17, coinciding with the celebration of the 70th Anniversary of Indonesia’s independence, there was a flag raising ceremony there.