View Full Version : Enjoy the Beauty of Serang Beach in Blitar

17-09-2015, 17:08
Serang Beach is a white sand beach located on the South coast or in the Indian Ocean, precisely located in Serang village, Panggungrejo district, Blitar regency approximately 45 kilometers to southwest of Blitar city and the distance of approximately 1.5 hours.

This beach has white sand and gently sloping shoreline and quite long with the waves are not too high making it easier for tourists to play seawater. The attraction of beach is also famous for its traditional rituals Larung Sesaji was held every 1st Suro.

To give the impression of comfort as a tourist attraction on the shoreline Serang beach also built some of the Gazebo as a resting place, besides tourists can also enjoy the beauty of the beaches on the west and east coast of Serang beach that can be reached on foot.


14-09-2017, 19:38
Serang have many festival on this September, you can see the schedule on Serang Festival 3 (https://jelajahblitar.com/serang-festival-3/)

16-09-2017, 15:10
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